Ive got a pair of P-rails on order, and im wondering how i would wire they each to get all 4 options out of both (SC, p90, HB parallel, Hb series). im putting them in my epi lp custom, so im thinking im gona replace the to tone pots with 4-way switches, but ive never done anything like this before, so i dont really know where to start. help please thanks
You could get 5 way megaswitches. That way you can get SC, P-90, humbucker (series), humbucker (parallel), humbucker (out of phase).

Or you could do 2 3-way switches, and push/pulls on the volume. The 3-ways could be single coil, humbucker, p-90, and the push pulls could put the humbucker mode into series or parallel. You could also add another 2-way switch to put both pickups out of phase with each other.
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Quite a few ways to wire a humbucker there. You can use the 3rd diagram from the top of the left column to wire it so you can use it as a normal humbucker, and use each coil.

If you look at the bottom diagram, you can use a 5 way switch to get EVERY sound out of the pickup. Use two of them to get everything out of the two pickups.