Well, I'm going on a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico in a few weeks, and my family is expecting me to bring my guitar and play for them around a campfire. For the twist, however, my family is of Mexican decent, and I need some spanish folk or traditional songs they can sing along to. I, having neglected my Spanish roots while learning guitar, know none. Any song, any difficulty is appreceated.
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Seriously, try some of Rizzo's softer, flamenco based stuff. Let me think...

Synapse, Infinity, and Remember the Future are all good songs.

EDIT: Being the dumbass I can obviously often be, I neglected to thoroughly read that. I don't know any traditional Spanish songs, sorry.

But those songs are all pretty awesome, so... gogogo.
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Malaguena, Mexican Hat Dance, Cancion Del Mariachi, Asturias. Those are all the Mexican/spanish songs I know.

EDIT: I just realized that was the order I learned them in also, and it goes from easiest to hard as hell

(Asturias is my show off song )
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