just posting to see if anyone else has one of these, or has played one?


im getting it this week, its not expensive to be honest. but it'll do me, also ive just bought a drum kit and im getting a bass guitar soon and im buying a new amp for this guitar, so i dont have alot of spare cash to throw around

anyway from what i can see/ read it look's like it will play decent, maybe ill replace the pickup's once i get some more cash... not sure what i would be off replacing them with? EMG's? i dont know.

any thoughts on the guitar? (if i get it and its bollocks, i can always send it back!)

What music do you want to play? EMGs aren't the most versatile pickups on the planet.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
The Floyd Rose is probably going to piss you off if you're not experienced with them. And when I say piss you off, I mean ****ing pissed.

Also, as far as the pickups go, you can get a set of Bill Lawrence L500XL pickups for what, $50 USD, I think? As it is, I'm sure the pickups in that thing suck absolute ****. I bought an Epiphone SG Special with similar stock pickup descriptions back when I first started playing, and needless to say it was a pretty rough experience after the 6 month mark.

Anywho, the L500XL set has some pretty crazy variations in comparison to EMGs. Still, EMGs are great pickups if you only want metal.
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Which one is better?

so i have my guitar, it was way diffrent to the display picture, no inlay on the neck, no single coil pickup, but meh i still think it looks really nice.. ive got the pictures of it on my UG profile.

i worked out the floyd rose, and yea its annoying at first, but now i think i get it... i tune it as close as i can with the tuners, tighting the the nut screws and then fine tune with the tuners on the floyd rose... and hope that it stays that way! lol

the pickups arent exactly amazing, but they seem pretty decent... i may in the future replace them, probably with the l500xl's or something along those lines as i dont want to spend too much on it.

im also thinking of buying a second guitar or maybe a bass guitar (neck through, 5 piece body) from the same site, although the guitar was diffrent.. i think the build qaulity is pretty good for the price

also im not sure what music i want to play, anything from ska to death metal, maybe some gnr's, iron maiden solo's etc.... would the l500xl's be good for that, or would i be best off with EMG's?
I kinda think EMGs would be a waste on this guitar as a set of them would pretty much cost the same or more than your guitar....but hey ...its up to you