Here's the two I remember from when I had my old VJ:

VJ volume at 3 o'clock, SD1 off, neck pickup, volume rolled down the lowest it can go without cutting out. Very nice warm clean sound.

Everything on full guitar and amp wise, SD-1 level maxed with gain at 0 and tone at about 11 o'clock, give or take.

Oh, and if you have the combo, take the back cover off. Makes the sound more "open", I thought it sounded better that way.
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turn the knobs? i dont know, that seems like the only viable answer...

ok, try this. if your guitar has individual volume knobs such as a LP, turn one all the way up and one to about half way. turn the amp way up, so its got some good crunch. switching between the pickups will give you a clean sound on one, a crunch in the middle, and lead sound on the other. or on a strat style, turn down the tone in either the neck or middle, then leave it up on the other. switching between pickups will give you a tonal variety. basicly, just learn how to use the knobs on your guitar.
what type of tone are you looking for specifically? i crank the vj and put a ts9 through and roll back the volume for great gritty cleans.

or just crank everything for a thick hendrix tone. sorry i couldnt be more helpful. honestly your best bet is an eq pedal.
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an eq pedal really would make a world of difference. Tons of tone shaping


I have an MXR M108 and it makes my Epi VJ a helluva lot more versatile.
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