Hey guys i need help, i waan record on cool edit pro. Id like to do it through usb, all i have is a marshall half stack and some distortion and wah pedals, what program, interface would you ugys recommend, money is kind of an issue though
And now i cant get back again....
Just picked myself up a Line6 TonePort. I recommend it. You might need to buy the extra plugin to record to a program, though...
mobile pre usb works pretty good for me. you can check out 'there are no words to this' and 'the day god was born' on my profile to hear how it sounds (not scratchy, no line hiss) it's an m-audio product and only cost $150. btw, this will probably get moved to riffs and recordings since thats where this really belongs.
with products like toneport, can i use the tone im getting from my amp and pedals, or am i ognna be using the tones built the interface
And now i cant get back again....