Ok, Im interested in building a pedal, but am having trouble understanding something. Lets say Im gonna order resistors and everything from smallbear. The resistors fall into categories, and the ones that I wasnt fall into a catagorie. So my question is, if your resistor falls into one of those catagories, is it the right one?
huh? you arent making sense...
each resistor has a rated resistance, so you need to find the right ones. i think they are listed by decades on smallbear though, so that could be what is confusing you. youre going to have to try to be more clear though.
When you search resistors on small bear they come up in categories. My question is- If your resistor # that you need falls into that group of categories, is it ok to use?
you must use the same ohm resistance, otherwise it will mess it up. regardless of what the resistor looks like and is called, as long as it has the right resistance its good.

when in doubt, dont use it.
go there, find the correct impedance, and get it. so like if you want a 1.5kohm resistor, find the section that says 1.1k to 6.2k, then select 1.5k from the drop down box. type in how many you want, then click "add to shopping cart." i really dont understand where the confusion is...