So i have a band, we are a drummer, 2 guitarrists, a drummer, a keyboarder and 2 lead singers, a man and a women.
So the girl sings really pop punk but this guy sings really blussy (im not saying is bad) but i dont know if it really fits because letters are really punk, guitars are reeally jammy and drum rythms are really fast (or should i say punk), the guy's voice is awsome the bluesy voice in a punk rock lyric with a punk rock background, what do you think?

is it a good mix?
Upward strokes are for loosers.
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this thread is also in punk and ska
Upward strokes are for loosers.
why are you askin us?? Listen for yourself and see if it sounds good
you just need to let time tell. just listen and see if what you hear is good. you and your band are the only judges of that.

i personally think it sounds pretty cool but i could be very wrong. Good Luck!
Sounds like that could provide for some awesome contrasting sounds. If you could get your drummer to learn some different styles, then that could sound really good. (or possibly awful I don't really know?)
There's no reason why it can't work. You need to judge it for yourself.
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bro, blues punk is a really good mix, my old band was blues punk and it sounds great, do it dude