Dunno about title but w/e!

So I've been here
Living my life
But wondering why
It just didn't feel right

So I went out in search
Of what was wrong
My fear of the world
Was the cause all along

Lack of ambition
Giving submission
All of these strengthening
My inhibitions


I don't know why
I've been holding back
I should go all out
And take it all back

Live your life freely
Reach for the skies
Do first; ask later
If anything apologize

Don't inhibit yourself
Don't hide behind
These self made walls
These barriers of your mind

The real world is bigger, than your bowl
The real world is bigger, than your hole
Go out; try out; experience it all
And see where it takes you

[chorus end]

You gotta get out there
See what's out there
Take care
Live with flair instead of despair

Don't be scared of the world
You're no longer a little girl
It's there for the taking
For whatever you're making

Make big things
Don't be one of the norm
Ignorance may be bliss
But I don't want any of this

[chorus repeat x1]

[outro x2]

It's my world, I'll do what I want
It's my world, and I won't stop
It's my world, and it's all on me
To figure out how to be free / me

[outro end]