So i have a band, we are a drummer, 2 guitarrists, a drummer, a keyboarder and 2 lead singers, a man and a women.
So the girl sings really pop punk but this guy sings really blussy (im not saying is bad) but i dont know if it really fits because letters are really punk, guitars are reeally jammy and drum rythms are really fast (or should i say punk), the guy's voice is awsome the bluesy voice in a punk rock lyric with a punk rock background, what do you think?

is it a good mix?
Upward strokes are for loosers
this thread is also in blues and jazz.
Upward strokes are for loosers.
you dont need to put the same thread in blues and jazz, and punk and ska. seriously.

but i'd need to hear a recording of it. it sounds like it could be really bad, or sound pretty good.

Jack my swag
The Gun Club were good.

And Lee Ving was basically putting on his best Bluesman act when he sang for Fear.

So Yeah, It works.

But you shouldn't make duplicate threads...
i actually find that pretty cool. although it is quite an odd mix. as long as you enjoy what you play, keep doing as you are.
why do you have two drummers
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oh, i didnt knew i couldnt make duplicate threads, im new to ultimate-guitar, about the sample voice i cant tell you that i have it because we are just finishing our first 2 songs, but thank you guys.