Everyone on CL flakes out on me so now I come to you peeps. I got a 2001 MIM beautiful green fretless Jazz Bass. I'd rather trade than sell but I don't know how that would work on this, so the price stands firm at 280$ (IDK about shipping). Almost mint just has a nasty nick on the bottom that has been filled and professionally repaired. If you find a way to trade im looking for a Gibson Melody Maker or Epiphone dot. Heres some pics sorry my camera sucks.

yea there stock I think, the weird thing is that everything is white. When I bought it the dude said it wasn't a custom finish but I haven't seen another yet, and the strat like speed knobs. Just a rare beautiful bass.
^ He was right, it's not a custom finish. I've seen a few of them around. My mate has a fender strat in the same colour. Fender have discontinued the colour now. If i'm not mistaken, the colour is 'sage green'. Still, I love this bass
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You say its fretless....but there are frets on that bass.

No there aren't, they are lines, to help you with reference points on the bass as to where to make the correct note.

Could you find out how much UK shipping would cost for this? I'm really interested, get paid next week so I think $280 dollars is roughly halved isn't it into UK Pounds?

Get back to me! Thanks =]

Free bump for a beautiful bass!

You don't see that color every day, that's for sure.
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