well as the title says i visited guitar center and for once nobody was there to help me! that's a good thing because i was just browsing but was looking for the blackhearts. i tried out some amps the raven 60 watt amp. and i also tried out a voxAD30VT i think.
Raven amp: i played through it with some jackson(played nicely) but was very disappointed. i thought this might be ok to good but was very muddy. this might have been because i hardly messed with the eq though.
Vox AD30VT: i played through this with a epiphone les paul junior and would say i was amazed at how good it sounded. it was loads better than my fender 25dsp. i would definetely recommend this amp to anyone looking for a good second amp or as a beginner amp!

overall i only spent like 15 min. in the store but had a pleasant time.
hope anyone looking at buying an AD30VT will find this helpful!
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I played through that Raven 1X12, it was terrible. It made me LoL. I think the "distortion" was a bug of some kind caught behind the speaker and trying to get out.
I would agree on the Ravens. Not very good at all. To "average" if you will..."muddy" as some people like to put it...very true.