i wnan get some new pedals and i've been lokking at refurbished stuff. it has the same warranty as a new pedal except its cheaper. i was wondering what you guys think about this and whats your experince whith this kind of stuff? thanks!
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It's really no different. It's used gear with replacement parts to make it 'brand new' again... Especially if it has the same warranty.
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i usually go for refurbished ones, they do still have the same warranty and it they do crap out they usually give you a brand new one anyways, but ive never have a refurbished item break yet. Keep in mind theres a difference between refurbished and used.
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The answer is pretty obvious..go for it if it still has the warranty for the same product for a less expensive price.
usually refurbished items don't have a warranty(incase it stops working), but if the pedal you want does then go for it.