hey, i'm new here, and i have a question about this really cool effect i saw. i don't know what it's called, but i know you sing into a mic, and the notes that you play on the guitar play through as your voice. i know it's hard to explain, an example of a song it is used in is Bo Bice's "Witness" (i know he's from American Idol, but it's the only example i can come up with at the moment.) anyways, if you know what this is please tell me cause i'm very interested in looking into it.

its not a mic there is a tube connected to the pedal that you talk into
how exactly does a talkbox work? its a nice trick, you know if you do it everyone once in a while, but if thats what your defined as, its really dreadfull if you ask me hearing a CD of just talkbox **** lol. Frampton is great tough.
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also, any bands/songs you know that use it?

zakk wylde uses one on Fire It Up and a few other songs, and my friend a talk box from musicians friend, though the music store i go to has them, they are like 100-200 dollars though
Bon Jovi-Livin' on a prayer. Richie Sambora uses one quite a bit
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I think Buck Dharma uses one of ETI.
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You usually need a mic to use a talkbox. The talkbox itself takes your guitar signal, and amplifies it, sends it through a small speaker which is located at one end of a tube. The other end goes in your mouth and your mouth and throat modulate the sound which then has to be picked up by a microphone.

Its more like the tube on the pedal is talking to you