Hey guys I'm making a solo cd with about ten tracks or so, and I was wondering how much I should sell it for. Could you check out the songs on my profile, and tell me what you would pay.
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Since I'm assuming you don't have much gigging experience and you are relatively unknown in your town. I would say sell it for very cheap like probably $5, definitely not over $10.

If you can afford to make a bunch of copies I would just give them away to people. It will let them hear your music and get your name out there. Would you be willing to dish out cash to some unknown kid who made his own CD by himself? Probably not.

If that really is you playing that then I'm impressed, it everything sounds great for doing it all by yourself. Good recording quality also. Once you do get your name out there I would say thats good enough to have people pay for it.
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I agree with TNA that you definitely shouldn't charge over $10. With so music easily downloaded, CD sales have dropped dramatically and it's especially hard for unsigned, small acts to sell CDs.

My advice is to get gigs and sell the CD there rather just trying to sell it by itself. People will be much more likely to buy your CD and they heard you play and like you. I do think that giving the CD for free as a promotion is a good idea as well.
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