So, I recently inherited a Behringer Ultrabass BX4500 H, Ampeg SVT-15E Bass Cab, and a Legion EMI-210 Bass Cab. Now, I'm not very experienced with amps and tweaking their settings, so I need some help. I tried using some of the settings that were already posted but I think my situation is a bit different because I'm running it through a bass amp. I play a lot of Strokes, Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and other stuff like that. Are there any suggestions to get any cool kind of tones out of this thing? Doesn't have to be like any of the previously mentioned bands, but I'm trying to get anything that sounds similar to what I'm trying to play.

Oh yeah, I play an Epiphone Dot Studio and I attached a picture of the Behringer to show the different knobs.
And I also just remembered I have a crappy Ibanez F27 Fuzz pedal..which may or may not help to get any kind of decent sound