Hey, recently I have been thinking about getting myself a violin and trying to learn how to play it. I have been playing guitar for like 3 and a half years, are the two instruments similar? Like if I can play guitar will that make violin any easier? Also, I need help choosing the right kind, I know nothing about violins and I want to get something inexpensive. Thanks in advance.
“It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.” - Bach
Play viola instead. [j/k]

Youy really ought to rent one first, though. Playing guitar first will mos' def' make it easier, as you already understand the basic concept - change the length of the vibrating strng to produce different pitches. Most violins are not fretted*, meaning you must properly intonate each note.

*Also, fretted violins are lame and almost always make you look like a tool.
id think violins would be harder cuz of the fretlessness, unless you play a frettless guitar. But like th guy above me said, rent one first.
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i would think fretted violins would be improbable.

i've been playing biolin about 8 years and i think it's a good bit harder than guitar. If you want to, go for it, i've always enjoyed it and i mean, if you get a violin with an electric pickup you can play it through your guitar amp and make some pretty awesome sounds.
My girlfriend plays it, she could own me in a shred fest.

edit; in all seriousness, I've watched her practice and the music she plays looks insanely complicating . I play trumpet so I do understand what the music is but it's very complex most of it is really fast tempo 16th note stuff. She good :O
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Personally, I think the violin looks like an uncomfortable instrument (just the way you have to hold it, all jammed up against your neck), but it sounds really nice.
+1 to renting it, though. Good violins are a lot more expensive than guitars, once you get a feel for it and you know you can play it, you should buy one
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...if you get a violin with an electric pickup you can play it through your guitar amp and make some pretty awesome sounds.

or, you could play your guitar using a violin!
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or, you could play your guitar using a violin!

spinal tap??!
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electric violins are pretty sweet.
i've thought about something along these lines.
guitar makes me want to play piano for some reason. :\
i can't think of a way that playing more instruments could be a bad thing.
unless you sacrifice guitar practice for violin, but it's your choice.
Go for it man. I almost did the ezact same thing like a year ago. I dont know why but playing violin has always sounded fun to me
I've seen violins go for $100 to $200 (Musiciansfriend.com). I'm not sure how good they are (comparable to a Squier I'm guessing). But it might be a good place to start
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it's a bit easier to find the right notes, though violin is pretty hard to make sound good compared to guitar with bowing properly and all that. I sometimes fool around on my mom's violin and it always sounds like ****.
i've been playing for a while now since 5th grade and i'm in 11th now so about 6-7 years. i wish i had the desire to practice (guitar stole that desire) cause i never practice and i'm always in the top 4 chairs, even though there has been times where favoritism has been shown to the girl in 1st chair buttkisser. /rant but yea i would'nt say its the hardest instrument ever, i dont remember it ever being hard for me, whatever you do dont buy a brand new violin used ones are almost always better. avoid asian made instruments try to stay with european ones, do research and stop at many places because places will try to jack up prices due to your lack of knowledge, i.e. i had mine fixed the other day some girl broke the neck and it should only cost $75 and they tried to charge me $150 and said it was a "serious break", but i called them out and they realized i knew what i was talking bout and lowered the prices. wow sorry for this wall of text but i just want you to be careful