we(insideac and i) are lookin for something that'll give us as real a drum sound as we can get, something like the quality of mirrorthrones drums, any suggestions for progams /drum machines are appreciated
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Drum kit from hell? I think that's what it's called at least.
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You should take this to the riffs and recordings forum.
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Hydrogen and Cakewalk are my favorites.

Hydrogen is free, but I dunno 'bout Cakewalk.
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Hydrogen and Cakewalk are my favorites.

Hydrogen is free, but I dunno 'bout Cakewalk.

Hydrogen doesen't work for me
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Acoustica Beatcraft
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drumkit from hell
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ez drummer drum kit from hell
Its great i use it for all my recordings
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Acoustica Beatcraft

I thought I'd give this a try, and it's pretty good! - Really simple to use
as other people have mentioned, EZ Drummer with the DFH expansion is fantastic, though it's kinda pricey. It's also a vsti, so if you don't have any good audio software with piano roll support it'll be pretty useless.
I find myself much partial to the Claustrophobic Kit over the DKFH expansion unless you are doing STRICTLY metal. If you are, get both =P