I tried this in the amp forum and didn't get any help so I figured I could try it here.
I have a B52 ST-6012 and I'm having trouble getting the output volume to be loud. I am running a cable out of the line out jack on the back of the amp into my computer for recording(I'm using Audacity and I've done this before just not with this amp). I've tried increasing the output volume via the dial on the back but it doesn't make much difference. Turning the master volume on the amp does increase the recorded volume but in order to get the recording at a decent volume I would have to have the amp on 10, which doesn't make any sense. The computer's input is set to record at max, so I don't see why I can't get a loud enough recording. Any suggestions? Thanks
what are you running the line out into?
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The signal that comes out of the line out jack on the back of your amp probably needs to be amplified before going in your computer. You would need to use a console to do that.
There's a level control on the amp itself. Worse comes to worse, it may be a sign you'll need a preamp (or interface) of some sort to make sure the level's good enough for your computer.
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To emr_steelmech: The line out on the amp is running directly into the line in on my sound card.
To Fast Fingers: I know what you are saying, I've turned that level adjustment on the amp all the way up and it made little difference.

The reason I asked is I am able to do this exact thing with my crappy solid state amp and the sound levels are fine. The difference being with the solid said amp I'm using the "external speaker" output and with the B52 Tube amp I'm using the actual "Line Out" output.

I'm looking to get an MBox interface. Hopefully that will resolve this issue. If anyone has a suggestion for interface it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!
You should NEVER run a speaker level signal into a consumer level line-in jack. You run the risk of causing a severe problem, as you're overloading the rails by at least 99v.

Exactly how low of a level are you getting? What is your average dBu in Audacity? If the signal is very low, you can still normalize to proper levels if the signal is clean.
To Mr Pillow: I've been doing that for years and never had a problem, granted my previous amp wasn't as powerful as my current one. The level is barely audible when played back.