Well I've decided to invest in an acoustic bass but have a few questions about which one I should go with. I've read tons of reviews and while the Tacoma Thunderchief looks like it is clearly the best I really am on a budget of about 400 USD. So I narrowed it down to a Michael Kelly or the Olympia OB3CE and it looks like I'm pretty certain on the Olympia OB3CE but I have a few last questions.

Really how big is the difference between the Olympia and the Thunderchief, if anyone has played both and can compare that would be great. I obviously know the thunderchief sounds better but is it a huge difference?

Also, is it comfortable to play? I went to my local guitar center but they don't carry the Olympia there and I haven't found one to try out, is the feel pretty much identical to the Thunderchief.

Thanks for the help, also anyone with an Olympia OB3CE just overall tell me if you think it was worth it or not.
Oh, oh, I forgot to mention in the PM, Michael Kelly's are... ****ing GARBAGE. ALL their acoustic instruments are simply NOT worth the money they charge. Michael Kelly's are as boxy and as unbalanced tonally as a $100 eBay special.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..