I'm new to playing guitar and I am learning to play on a steel string but want to transition to electric when I can afford one. Will I be able to pick up where I was with steel or should I just hold off learning untill I get the electric? Any advice?
it should pretty much be the same thing. You'll probably only notice slight differences like you won't have to push down on the strings as hard or something.
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well, you shoud definatively continue. Acoustic is harder to play than electric. It is a good starting point. Many people have started with an acoustic.

If you get used to acoustic, you'll find playing electric guitar easy.
i learned to play on a steel string, it helps build finger strength and its good for beginners because if they decide they dont like guitar they didnt just spend a thousand dollars on gear that they dont want. id say its very beneficial to learn on a steel string, and u should have no problems transitioning, except that the strings will feel less tense, but u will probably get used to that within ten minutes of picking up the electric

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Uhhh...Learn on the Acoustic...Then When you get your electric...Learn electric.

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I started out on acoustic and yeah it helps, I could play a lot better than most of my friends that had started out only playing electric and had been playing for the same amount of time as me.
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