What do you guys think of them? I have friends that span over probably all the high school cliques. Recently, I started getting into musicals, plays, acting, etc. Just wondering what everyone thinks of theater kids. They're not bad... granted some are homosexual but others are really nice people. I've been spending a lot of time with a girl from this group too and she's very pretty and has such a zesty personality!

Anyways, think away!
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im friends with a few. they were cool before they got ultra 'OMG MUSICALS'
now its hard to talk to them.
i cannot relate.
I was (and still am) into theater in high school and acted in most of the plays and whatnot, but I never really hung out with the theater clique, because about half of them where pretentious assholes. The other half where pretty cool though.
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im friends with a bunch...all super nice..however they are a little energetic for my liking sometimes
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my brothers a theater kid and a few of my friends are in a theater class but are also on sports teams so i guess not all theater kids fit the stereotypes
Theater kids rock. The chicks are amazingly hot. They also have great personalitlys. Great taste in music also. Overall nice people. Most of my friends love the theater.
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I'm friends with most of 'em and have been since elementary school before they joined theater. I usually play in the Pit (no pun intended) for the musicals and during breaks at rehearsals i need people to talk to/have fun with.