ok, so the other day my guitar stopped sending anything to my amp. naturally, i was confused. i had previously noticed that the output jack was a little loose, but thought nothing of it (my stupidity). Then when nothing happened at all, i decided to remove the output jack cover, only to find that the wires that were attached to it had detached themselves. They seem to have originally been sautered on, which assures me that i can't fix it myself. Is it something i could take to a tech at the local guitar shop, or do i need to buy new electronics?

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You can take it to a tech and they can fix it in like five minutes or you could spend five bucks on a soldering iron and fix it yourself. Your choice...
A guitar shop could fix it in five minutes. I highly recommend doing that, since soldering is NOT easy if you've never done it before. Believe me, you won't be able to do it on your own without any experience. Just take it to a shop.
haha. that simple, really? i figured i had messed it up worse. thanks man/woman/possible transvestite (gotta cover my bases)

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^^ What? Are you serious?

TS it isn't that hard. Unless you have difficulty walking and breathing, you can learn to do it.

soldering iron set. instructions on the pack. about $15.

just heat the iron touch the output jack a few seconds, add the loose wire, and itll stick after you remove the iron.

the ground, usually black, connects to the middle most lug.

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