Heya. I am kind of lost on the guitar in that I have been playing for a few years - mostly tablature etc. I can play the hell out of the top 4 frets.. basically any chord progression with hammer ons and pulloffs out the whazoo and make it sound fantastic.

My problem tho lies in that once I venture outside the 4 frets, I am lost. I can physically play all the bar chords, power chords, and any various hand position on the guitar but don't know where to go NEXT after I play that particular chord. I don't know if I need to understand the chord progression, or if there is a pattern to how these flow, or whatever. I also don't know what note I am playing as I go down the fretboard. I know all the notes I play on the top 4 frets, because I started out by learning various chord forms that beginners learn like D, C, G, Am, Em etc.

I also am curious how to move up and down with triads.. like if I were to form a D chord and slide it up a few frets, how do I know where to go to make it work together? I dunno if any of this makes sense, but I am talented in that I can blow around with any hand position on the guitar but struggle with knowing where to go next etc. Please help!


Take a few theory lessons with a local teacher, or buy a theory book/look up some theory videos on youtube. Start off learning the keys (major/minor), and then learn how to build chords and whatnot.
Three things to do.

1 - learn the notes on the fretboard, as in all of them. You don't need to be able to spot them instantly but you need to be able to at least work them out.
2 - learn the basics of the major scale. You don't need to go all out with it yet, just learn the basic pattern of intervals and understand how it appears all over the fretboard. Once you know the basics read up on chord construction and see how the chords you already know are formed from the notes/intervals of the major scale.
3 - learn barre chords - properly. That means learn what chords you're actually playing when you barre, knowing the notes on the fretboard and learning a bit about basic chord construction will allow you to do this.

That'll set you on your way.
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