i have in my guitar right now a LFR bridge (im assuming its LFR, it says licenced under floyd rose pat. and i guessed that thats what the acronym is for) and it sucks, wont stay in tune, id like to replace it with an edge pro or lo pro, would that be at all possible... if you have read my other post you'd know its my Jem7v Copy, so naturally id think an edge would fit... but but at the same time i dont know.

so anyway, what do you think? Edge or Floyd?
yeah thats what ive heard, do you know where i could find some rout specs for an edge?
Are you gonna route it yourself, or are you gonna pay for the route.

If you are gonna pay for the route, you can just follow the tutorial for the RGT42dx I have in my sig. It will show you how o sand the wood, to fit it, while keeping the route looking professional.
id prefer not to rout at all, that means ill probably have to get a floyd wont it?
im looking on ebay and i can get a floyd lo pro cheap... what do you know about them? and do they have the same dimensions as a regular floyd?