i actually bought one of those fake chinese guitars off ebay. cause i saw one and it was a gibson les paul zakk wylde knockoff for 99cents so i was thinking of buying it just for kicks and i was wondering what would i get if i won the auction .

if any of you guys know what i would get please tell me
If you got the guitar at all, it would probably be in pieces before it got to your house. If it did manage to stay in one piece, then you would be treated to a sub-standard guitar with so many issues, playing it would be the last thing on your mind...
Is there a reserve? Check the shipping costs. That's where they get ya.

You'd probably get a piece of crap guitar that you could pawn and possibly make a profit.
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Selling it in the US makes you a criminal as it's a forgery and that constitutes fraud and copyright infringement, both federal offenses. Since the original seller is in China, they are not prosecutable, but once you get it here, if you try to pass it off, you are.
Have you not noticed the P&P. You'd basicly end up with something worse than a starting guitar. It'll be poor wood, poor pick-ups poor everything.
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I might buy one hey! If the neck get's warped i would just put it on the wall saying i have a real gibson lol .

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Having been to china Ive seen what they try to pass of in chinese guitar stores. Some of them didnt even look playable. Very few play guitars there so they dont have much of an understanding of how to make a decent one. They like to reuse packaging for things like guitar strings. Many shops had fender bullet end strings with ball end strings in em. So you may get a decent guitar you may not. The feed back on the ebay link is real helpful. He has 3 and none are for selling guitars. Will you get a guitar maybe but you wont be able to get your money back if theres a problem.
The ones where they start at 99 cents are called no reserve auctions, and the prices almost always go up to pretty high. If you can get it that low though, then get it, I mean if a Guitar is 99 cents, its pretty much a good deal no matter what kind it is!!