I haven't post a song in quite some time, so here's the first one in a while.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

pretty cool, nice melodies. but the breakdown isn't tasteful to me - you seemed to have some good musical ideas, and i think having a plain old breakdown just spoils it a little.
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Oy, in many places it sounds like something The Human Abstract would've written. I like them, so that's cool. Musically you seem to know what you're doing, the only minor issues I could take is that the song structure can be tightened up (lack of clear center, intro doesn't really get the song moving and doesn't really fit in with the other style...), and a solo that was maybe less mechanical (streams of 16th notes, etc.) and more with feeling, rests, bends, vibrato, would add more to this (already rather mechanical) song.
Good stuff, keep it up
I agree with Ailes when he/she said it sounds like something The human abstract would do, and like him/her i like them so thats good. I dont really have anything extra to say from what ailes said, but i do feel you may WANT to go back and try to cut back on those 16th notes on the solo. Other than that i thought it was a great piece. I dont have GP so i could only hear the midi but twas rather good nonetheless.
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