Is there any tonal difference between a tube and a solid state amp, if both the amp used the same pedals? Like if both amps were on clean settings or slightly dirty, or w/e
Er...yeah. Amps contribute a lot to your tone even if you use pedals. Tube amps in general respond better to pedals as well.
That's a ridiculously vague question. What amps are you comparing here? (the answer is "yes", but the degree of "yes" can vary dramatically)
Someones knowledge of guitar companies spelling determines what amps you can own. Really smart people can own things like Framus because they sound like they might be spelled with a "y" but they aren't.
depends on the pedal and the amp. id never run my gnx4 thru any tube but id never run a ts808 thru a ss...

Multieffects with amp modeling should be run thru as clean and transperant of an amp as possible. Thru a PA at best, thru a squeaky clean ss amp at worst.

Vintage, analog and other *good* single pedals probably sound better thru a tube 99.99% of the time. their complementary to the already good tube amp sound.

and finally crappy pedals shouldnt be run thru any amp, simply never bought or thrown away asap

hope this helps lol
Well first keep in mind pedals aren't magical. A Fulltone through an MG won't turn your amp into a JCM800. Basically for a pedal to wor you need a good basis, a good amp tone first, no matter what. Generally I prefer the sound of tube amps, hence I prefer the sounds of pedals through tube amps (keep in mind though that some amps like the Roland JC120 are great "pedal" amps and that's a solid state amp, but so is also many tube amps, like Twin Reverbs and Hiwatts). But some pedals like overdrives and most of all boosters only sounds good through tube amps, since they are made to drive the tubes of the amp. But is it's a solid state amp it drives the transistors of the amp often resulting in a not so good tone.
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