up for sale is a fender koa strat. This thing is a player and a looker it is absolutly beautiful. these are 700 new im asking 500 obo for one in mint condition. this thing has all the normal strat features with duncan pickups and a koa top. all the specs can be found at http://fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0265106537

Trades will be considered.you can email me at dustman283@gmail.com

If I had seen this before I picked up my HW1 I would have jumped on it. I love these Koa strats.
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what trades are you looking for this and the mesa>?
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what trades are you looking for this and the mesa>?

I am really looking for a traynor ycs50 combo, A hughs@Kettner Tube 50 head or a dsl 50 thanks
If shipped to the UK then I'd definitely be interested . . . .
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