yeah, the title says it all. Whats the difference between the ZR(in the ibanez s, and the s2170 prestige) and the ZR2(in the newer ibanez models, like S5470 prestige)? yeah, the design is a little bit different, but is it made of better materials?(and no, i dont think that ZR is bad, i have one in my s470 and its awesome and very reliable).
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According to ibanezrules.com...

Quote by ibanezrules.com
The ZR has been slightly modified with the new push in arm holder from the EZ [shown directly above] and renamed the ZR2. This will be the system used on the Japanese production models using the ZR [S2570 and EGEN] while the rest of the guitars using a ZR will continue with the ZR1.
this doesent seem like a very big difference to rename it.

and wtf is "push in arm holder"?

im not very good in english...
It is rumored to be made out of some new light weight material that REALLY cuts sustain. Google around with the new ibanez S series and bad sustain and you'll find what im talking about.

Thats said to be the reason why herman li switched to the Edge zero instead of keeping with the ZR2. I'm not totally sure on this however.

Read here: http://www.ibanez.com/forum/yaf_postst71656_S5470-no-sustain-issue-update.aspx
For those who care.
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