Indeed its on sale...

check out the songs on it

by the way.. i took these pics in china... (when i was there for a holiday)

but i didnt buy the CD
Do I get a free Dr. Pepper???? SWEET!
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I thought I would never see the day...

EDIT:FoF is right it's probably faked/whatever.
You didn't show pics of the whole front cd cover,I cannot trust you
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oh those sneaky chinamen. where would the world be without them?
I have no opinion on this matter.
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Surely that's a fake. Or not by guns n roses. If it came out, it would have come out in America first.

OMG!! surely the CD titled chinese democracy that i found in a store selling fake CDs CANT be fake..

OH noes...
You trusted something that you saw in a shop in China?

Of course it's fake.
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Is it me, or does that say Givil War? wtf fake.

You don't know how hard I laughed when I saw that.