ok I need a Tuner pedal, an envelope filter or synth wah or something along those lines (yknow Flea on blood sugar kinda sound), and a power supply for these 2 pedals as well as a whammy, wah and a line 6 POD xt...
obviously i dont wanna be spending a fortune but i still want something reasonably good... what is available and what would be the best for me?
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i already have the pod, whammy and wah so its only these 3 things i'm looking at atm. thats what im saying, i dont want the best of the best, i just want something midrange that will do the job
does the tuner have to be a pedal? cuz i dont see y a normal one wont work..and doesnt the pod already HAVE the 3 things u needed?
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i thought the POD might have the envelope filter when i bought it but i cant find it anywhere... i was thinking either the Digitech Synth Wah or the DOD Envelope Filter. Both fairly cheap for stomboxes...
umm as for tuners, i want to be able to tune on stage, which is a little hard to do with the POD, and also the tuner on the POD isnt that great, so i guess i'd be willing to spend a little more for a separate tuner pedal...
as for power, the pod doesnt supply my other pedals with power.
i like the electroharmonix q-tron, wasn't too fond of their dr. Q though, moog also makes a real nice low pass filter that should be amazing but is very expensive. just about any olf tuner pedal will do if you just want cheap, think boss makes one, you can get a real nice expensive strobe tuner for a bit more or a cheaper fender or danelectro one for real cheap. the voodoo labs power supply is a good power supply, they make 2 version(the 170 one is definitely worth the extra money),it can get adapters to plug into line 6 stuff, you just mail them and they send you the adapters evidently, my roomate did it, those adapters happen to have red tips to tell them apart.
q-tron ~85
tuner ~50 - 100
voodoo labs ~140 - 170