well, i just turned 16 a few weeks ago, and well for long time i have allways wanted these peircings called "snake bite" but ive always been to nervous to actualy go and get them.

well i dont care if they look "emo" if i had to discribe the way i dress i guess maby "half emo?" i try to stay away from the "general emo sterotype " i wear skinnyer jeans (not so skinny that its skin tight and theres no crotch) but you can tell here skinny jeans and i wear colorful shirts like a purple shirt with a green one over top nothing "over the top."

if i get around to it i MAY upload a photo of my self in just not shure if they hurt or somthing. i have never goten a peircing before.

and if you have snake bites please share your experiences like scaring if they heal over, or somthing like that

oh... i also have braces i have no clue if its alowed i would assume so but really, i dont think it matters besides ill have a metal mouth.
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If you want.

whatever you do

don't get snakebites

they hurt like hell and are annoying
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99% of people will think it looks stupid.

100% of potential employers will flat-out refuse to give you any decent job.

Also, Body Mod thread please.
i went to the trouble of looking that up on google.

thats retarded.
I have no opinion on this matter.

God I bet that feels awesome.
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
Don't do it, its ugly as hell, it'll be hard for you to get a job, there are many other cons.


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I have my right side done, and I want my other
If you wanna get them, get them. Don't get them at the same time though, get them seperately.
The inside of your lip heals pretty fast once you take them out, but the outside takes longer, and I think it leaves a scar. It might not, I don't know.
i like how they look.

do what you want with your body.

i work for big W and i can pierce my lip like i really want to. i have to hide my stretched ear and tie my long hair back.

get snake bites for me, since i cant get them
really thee only thing stoping me is the job and pain but im shure is nothing compared to having 8 teeth pulled in one session... ouchy...

since im only 16, and im not realy looking for a serious job and i work at mcdonalds and there fairly slack about the uniform.

and you can always take them out if you dont like them corect?
with a minor scar? or if you need to work. if i need to i will go on leave from work im not dying for mone that bad, and i know they wont fire me because i am one of there best employeesnot thats a good thing anyway.

But this is my thoughts right now
" well... if i dont get them done i probaly will always regret not at least trying them"
not like there permanent i dont think. but hey.. what do i know.

im shure my parents will be ok with it, not like i will be a changed peson or anything.

also is one summer break (roughly 2 months) enough time for them to fully heal up if i get one the first day of the first month then the other side one month later?
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yeh, you wont be able to do a "just take them out for work" untill they been in for like three months or something.

i will quit my job soon and peirce my lip. directly in the middle. no a labret, but lip ring in the middle.

wait till you get your braces off
for some reason im thinking they might get caught
but i have never had braces or a lip pricing
If you have braces they are supposedly a no since they can screw up your braces.

I think it really just depends on what you want. You shouldn't ask people to get them or not. I decided one day to get my lip pierce and the only thing I asked my friends was which side.
thats it, its done im gona get them, on the first day of summer break.
as long as i dont pussy out..
now to try andecide how i should get them and what kind of ring/stud
or i dont know wat its clasafyed as... but its rounded and has a ball on the ends like a ' C '
When they pierce your lip you either get a labret, or a ring with a ball in, but you can change it after like, 10 days or something. But rings look the best I think.
That's just me though :P

also Claudio shanchez of coheed and cambria has snake bite peircings

(for whom ever wanted a picture of snake bites) i believe thats a guy from "first to last" (band)
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also Claudio shanchez of coheed and cambria has snake bite peircings

(for whom ever wanted a picture of snake bites) i believe thats a guy from "first to last" (band)

Oke don't get those
well its personal opinnion really.
the only problem is braces... i dont now if i mentioned this...
but it may look like i have a metal mouth, and may get in the way... i suppose id have to ask my dentist..
^ That's Sonny Moore, and he *used* to be in From First To Last.

I have snakebites. They don't hurt, but it depends on how well you can handle pain. Also, get used to looking like lots of other people. So many people have them these days. And you WILL find it hard getting a job. I do. I also have my ears stretched to 20mm. And honestly, you sound like the type of person I'd punch in the face, just for making ME look like a dipsh*t because we have the same piercings.
Nah don't get them, I got my lip pierced once, got sick of it after 2 weeks and took it out.
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It looks stupid.
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It's all personal preference.

Although they don't hurt and I barely notice mine anymore. I have snakebite & labret and no problems with either.

Photoshop it.
i think they look cool

hmm, i duno if theyd affect ure braces, i just got my braces off... thats pretty irrelevant but anyway...

uhh, for wok and stuff, you can get clear studs or something called piercing retainers, you cant see them unless you look really really hard, i have one i wear in my nose for soccer

and as for pain, i dont think it would hurt much, theres no cartilage there so it should be that bad, i know people that do it themselves so it cant be unbearable

good luck