Does anyone know where i can get a backing track of a 12 bar blues Bb backing track. I have to improvise a solo for year 12 music and i have never played the blues befor. I would like to get an idea of what i will do on the day. The teacher has already told me it will be in Bb 12 bar blues, does anyone know a site where i can download the progression so i can improvise over it. Or if anyone is really nice could they record one for me? like i said i have never played the blues before and any help would be greatly appreated, thanks.
I have one that you could use in A# (same as Bb) with a big band swing feel ala Jools Holland or some of BB Kings work.

It's technically under copyright so I'm not too sure, but would that help? I was going to use it for my own stuff but I like to share.
Im not sure if a big band swing feel is what im looking. I think they said it was a chicago blues progression. Im not sure what that is but i dont think it would have a big band swing feel about it. Thanks very much for the generous offer.
Here you go...




I'm not too sure if they have one in the key you need, but you can practice over those, and just move it to the position in the key you need.
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