Anyone know anything about them? I just replaced one with a fixed bridge and I was going to sell it but I got no info on it. It came from an old looking encore that isnt made anymore. Any help would be appreciated
hey, i just pulled a jinah tail out of a floyd rose system that was installed in a "vista" heavey metal custom strat copy, also referred to as a superstrat. i beleive jinah to be a junk manufacturer as the metal is so soft that it literally is crumbling apart , probably due in part from years of humidity, none the less, im not sure if its a part used by floyd rose or by the knock off guitar company, i intend to call floyd rose tomorrow to do some snooping as i now have half of a suspension system. ~ Erik @ PH
Thanks. Too bad about the quality. To be fair it didnt look that good which is why I swapped it for a basic fixed bridge.