Looking 2 form a blues rock/hard rock/classic rock band in the coffs harbour region. My influences r Zeppelin, whitesnake, Hendrix, beatles, pink floyd, The Who, Aerosmith etc etc.. so u know what i like 2 play.

I play guitar and am alright in the playing side but lack in the theory side of things.. so if u have some knowledge of that stuff it would be good. This is my 1st band so i need a drummer, bassist, rythm/lead guitarist, vocalist (no death metal, emo, punk singers, i want some1 who can sing) and maybe a piano/keyboard player.

If u play any emo,punk,thrash metal **** then don't think that u will be playing any of that so think twice.

Looking 4 people between ages of 15 and 17 (male or female, im not sexist), But i would like a male singer though it doesnt matter.
If u have any questions just ask... cheers.
im from coffs harbour. im sixteen. looks like i fit perfect.
i generally play some of the genres that you disciminated against, but im sure as hell up for some classic rock.

i can play lead, and rythm, write plenty of songs, and have a decent amount of theory knoledge, pm if your interested.