Ok i was wondering, i've seen some guitarists 'scallop' their frets for reasons that are obviously beyond me, i mean, i dont think its for looks cause it makes the guitars fretboard look like a trashy hooker having a bad hair day, but if its not for that what is it for? does it make the guitar easier to play or what?

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I think it is about bending easier, but I heard its hard to play without pressing to hard and bend the string a bit.
You don't have to press down as hard on the frets, making fast runs easier.
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So yea, mainly for speed.

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Wikipedia says:

Advantages and disadvantages

The "scooped out" nature of scalloped fingerboards creates a number of changes in the way the guitar plays.

Most obvious, is that the string only comes into contact with the frets and the fingertip with the string, not the fingerboard itself, creating less friction for bends and vibratos, which results in more overall control while playing. Another advantage is that the player only needs to apply a fraction of the pressure to a scalloped fingerboard to make the note sound, as compared to a traditional fingerboard. This allows the guitarist to play faster because they don't have to invest as much effort into fretting each note.[1][4]

However, that is also one of the main disadvantages. Many players, especially new players, may find a scalloped fingerboard to be too different to play easily. And it does take practice to play well on a scalloped fingerboard. The player has to first become accustomed to not actually touching the fingerboard, which may take a while in itself. Playing a scalloped fingerboard also requires a careful balance of pressure; because too much pressure can change the pitch of the fretted note, as during a bend, and too little pressure can cause fret buzz. As a result the majority of players choose to use a traditional fingerboard on their instruments.
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