Hey GB&C,

This week I want to buy the supplies for my cab build and I was wanting to get the prices worked out tonight. So I need to know what parts I need for the build. I already have wood, I'm using 19mm(I think) form ply and that's all I have, apart from the tools. Does anyone have any good links to step-by-step guides or threads documenting cab builds?

Ok so about the parts, I know I need:
- Speakers (warehouse speakers, do they do PayPal?)
- Tolex
- Grillcloth
- Jacks
- Casters
- Recessed handles
- Screws, nails etc.

What else do I need? I'm building the cab for an ENGL Powerball head, it has two 8 ohm outs, so I'm thinking two 16 ohm speakers in parrallel? I was going for "The Reaper" and "Veteran 30". Is this a good combo for metal? Any lastly does anyone have any ideas for a layout for the cab (tolex and grillcloth-wise) like colours and stuff?

For reference, I'm getting supplies from http://www.mojomusicalsupply.com

Don't really have a budget cause the stuff is rather cheap.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: And yeah I read the cab tutorial but not all that stuff was helpful to what I wanted to find out.
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recessed handles and castors aren't all that useful to be honest, and if you have nice wood just stain it, thats what i did and mine looks awesome
thats wierd i might start a 2x12 speaker project
and i play metal (im scared)
i was going to get vintage 30s but then decided to go for a pair of G12k-100s cause from the reviews i read seem to say that there smoother EQ wise
also im confused about ohms?
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My wood isn't very nice, it's already like painted black but it's got scratches and what not. I just thought recessed handles would be easier, but should I just get regular handles? And I've read the 2 x 12 cabinet thread, I just want to make sure I have everything before I get started.
recessed handles, also add metal corner protecters, post pics aswell

put blue LEDs behind the grill cloth, that would be awsome...
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