So I am looking to change up some of my guitar gear and want to get a G-Major rack mount unit. Now since I use this in the studio all the time the rack unit itself would probably work except I like the idea of being able to control the FX with a foot board.

So I looked around and saw the Behringer FCB1010 which is a great price and all but seems more than what ill ever need. Im trying to stay a little more compact.

The Roland FC-300 looked good but I would only need one expression pedal and the price could drop some more.

so I want something like the FC-300 with one expression pedal and a price range of no more than $200. Is there anything available like this?
I bought a FCB1010. It's big, but it's cheap and easy. I luv it every ****ing day.
There isn't really anything in between the big boards like the FCB1010 and the little ones like the Midi Mouse.

It sucks too because a board with the functionality of the Behringer one, with an expression pedal, only half the size would be killer, and still fit on a pedal board.

I am surprised that no manufacturer has released something like this yet.
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