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Really good. You should get someone to sing on it and then it would be awesome.
It's gonna be a blue day
I use Guitar pro to programme the drums
Then import them into sonar 4 producers edition and use Ezdrummer to get the drums sounding realer.
Then i use guitar rig 2 for the tones for guitars and stuff like that or i just use my amp and effects pedal
Takes me back to when I relentlessly covered this song a couple of years ago.

A good cover. The distortion is a bit weak, but passable. In the chorus, your playing could afford to be a little less rigid (i.e. hitting the notes on all the beats). Try playing around with your strumming, and just try and get it to be a little looser, if that makes sense. I was very impressed with the tone and playing in the verses, very good.

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Badreligionrock is the man.

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I thought that this was a pretty good cover. Nice playing and the tone is pretty good. If you had vocals it would really make the recording better.

Oh by the way August 6th, 1991 is my birthday too.
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