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How long have you gone for without eating food and why didn't you eat?

For me around 18 hours because the food on planes are disgusting.
Does just drinks count?
If so, three days on purely ginger ale because I had a stomach virus.
If not, just one day.
I generally survive on solid glucose. Sometimes I go for a day without eating any "proper" meals.
3 or 4 days
can't remember
don't try it
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Uhh once for like 36 something hours when I had to get surgery. Had to stop eating like one and a half days before, and could only have water. I felt like such ****.
24 hours+-
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I did the 30 hour famine thing once, so 30 hours.
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i've done the 40 hour famine a few times.

also about 50 hours or so on a couple of occasions when having long partying weekends
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5 days. I got really ill.
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11 Hours. I then got out of bed and got some food. It was a Saturday morning.
Could you re-title this thread to "How annorexic are you?"
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11 Hours. I then got out of bed and got some food. It was a Saturday morning.

holy ****, dude, that's hardcore
53 minutes.
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3 days, I was loaded on amphetamines the whole time, I didn't sleep at all either.
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I've never gone for a large amount of time not eating on purpose so probably like a day or 2 when i have been ill, but i dont even get ill a lot so i doubt that ever
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5 days... to lose weight

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Few days, I expect I'll top that when my exams are over. There's these new 'appetite suppressing energy drinks' I might try.
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Yeah I go a long while sometimes without eating but I guess it's only a long while in my eyes...

I never really eat excessively or anything, I'm a real skinny guy. 120 pounds. That's light.

But I do like to eat at least three times a day not including snacks etc. Unfortunately, I always find myself eating out. Dunkin' Donuts, Chili's, Applebees, Wendy's, Burger King, Pizzzzzzaaaa etc.

If I'm home, I usually eat pasta, steak, something like that.

As of right now, I haven't eaten in about 13-14 hours or so.
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Longest ever was about three days........stomache flu sucks ass

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Probably an hour… I'm a growing boy
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2 days.

Felt like death.
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About a day and a half. Nothing to extreme, usually just forget, or the situations ain't right.
2 or 3 days when I've been sick. Apart from that maybe half a day when I just haven't got around to it cause I've been busy playing guitar or something. I normally eat 3 to 4 meals a day, but they're small meals.
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Probably between ten and fifteen hours, but then I ate about four cows' worth of meat afterwards, so.

FREDIT: Does illness count? If so, then a few days, but illness shouldn't count, because you can't eat.
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I did a week long fast once. Didn't bother me, I really don't eat that much anyway.

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