Hey guys I need help with a little song I wrote, I decided that I would put a solo section over this progression, which also appears in the verse; I have 2 guitars and a piano playing the rhythm here.

F (2 bars)> Am9 (2 bars)> G13 (1 bar)> Dm9 (1 bar)> C (2 bars)

I've used Am Pentatonic with a D#, which I assume is some blues scale? Sorry I mostly play Jazz . Also I've tried A harmonic minor bars over Am9 and Dm9.

I eliminated some non essential tones to make it sound ok on the piano for the G13... First the 9th and 11th. I basucly left the absolute essentials of a G13 chord, the third, the flat seventh, the 13th. The bass adds the ninth and the guitars play a G7. What scale should I go about using over this progression? Also I am thinking of substituting the G13 for a G6 or G7.
What I do when I solo over more complex chords is to break them down to simply: major, minor and dominant. So when soloing you could be thinking of: F, Am, Gdom, Dm, and C, instead.

What you then want to do is to map out the chord tones, if not on paper at least in your head.
F- F A C
Am - A C E

You will see that everything fits nicely into C major, so basically I'd think C major throughout, and I'd also be very well aware of where the chord tones are. Also, noticing the chord tones that the chords have in common, those are nice to linger on when the chord changes are fast.

Then when I'm comfortable with the aforementioned steps I usually start thinking about adding sevenths, ninths and so on.

Good Luck!
Well I didn't plan ahead and decided to put a solo in there last minute so....The vocals use Am Pentatonic but to me using the same scale to solo seems too plain.