Another song idea I'm working on, wrote a 2 minute demo to test it's viability. I'm writing new songs to try out new ways of singing. This particular demo has a 20% Phaser effect on my voice.

Let me know what needs to be changed, tweaked, edited, mixed, or whatever. Or, if the song needs to goto to recycle bin, tell me that.

steady beat with the phasing vocals not being to over done nice amount of effect on it

very steady with a nice vocals melody that could be built up very strong,

there that error at the start on guitar easily fixed

what is that sound that is just there underneath the guitar. its very soft but i can hear it where its been trimmed if u no what im talking about

so yeah it sounds great
I like it. The drums could have been reverberated to fit with the effected vocals.
I think where the track starts to fade, you could come in with some heavy, Alice in Chains style riffage with distorted guitars and really make it a rock track.

Here's some of my stuff;
its very good lyrics and voice but you need a heavy, distorted part to keep it interesting cause it gets repetitive but overall a good job
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Hey man, didn't see this thread here. Well I critted you in my thread but I'll just crit it again.

I like the vocals, and the guitar at the begginning. But yeah I guess you could get some more distortion in there

As I said, I'd like to hear this on the radio.
i agree, uve almost managed a grunge feel to the song, which isnt bad infact it gives it that grunge cross psychaedelic feel.

with some improved recording equipment and some more variety, maybe the introduction of a heavier section?, could be a great song.

overall its pretty awesome