Anybody have one of these? I've had mine for like 5 months and I still havent totally figured out all the stuff you can do with it. Its great because you can literally find any tone you're looking for and damn near any effects you want too.

I think the coolest thing I've done with it so far is run a crappy $200 casio keyboard through it with the rez synth patch. All you have to do is hold down one key and it modulates it so heavily its ridiculous. I recorded it a while ago, if anybody asks I can post it.
I have an ordinary bass pod, if I played live I would just use single pedals, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I got it off ebay from america, and you can certainly do alot of stuff with it, I love the ton modelling features more than anything else, the detail you can go into is quite amazing.

Also, I quite like to run a guitar through the pod and my bass amp, with a little experimentation it can make a little squier copy sound pretty nice.
i have recently started using a Line 6 POD X3 Live. after signing up on Line6.com, and downloading "Gearbox", onto my guitar players laptop, we used the expanded bass option, and i chose a few preset models that i liked. we then programmed those choices into the board itself, using the laptop. the computer interface is way easier than having to program the board directly, looking at the small display. so far the only actual effects i'm using are compression, chorus, and noise gate. but i must say, the different amp, and cab models are fun to mess with. i'll let you know how it turns out. btw, i have yet to hook this thing up to my amp, to see how it would work in a "live" situation. so far it's been just "direct to the console" practice, and recording.