Okay so ive had an acoustic for a while but i always played electric. I want to learn acoustic but all ive beendoing is learning songs chord by chord. My question is this. Whats the best way to get good at acoustic the fastest? Just swapping thru chords or doing scales or what?
Private lessons, switching to acoustic from electric is harder than the other way around and you will make mistakes that only an instructor can point out.
there really is no fast way to learn acoustic or guitar in general. just practice a lot and you should do fine
There are also different techniques that you can do on an acoustic such as fingerpicking that you can try out. It depends what you are aiming for doing.
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Find someone to teach you, preferrably someone who has already achieved what you wish to achieve.
Play with as many people as possible. If you play with 20 different musicians, even if you only learn one new thing from half of them thats 10 new things under your belt.
Practice, practice, practice.

switching to acoustic from electric is harder than the other way around

I disagree. I find people who have played electric and go to acoustic have problems with the thicker neck and higher action. Ive observed the opposite with people who go from acoustic to electric.