I basically just started getting serious about guitar, and am still in learning stages. The music I listen to (mostly post-hardcore/metalcore/etc) seem to play in dropped C. I'm wondering if i'm doing myself a disservice by tuning out of standard during my learning stages. Is it something I should really look into getting a 2nd guitar for, so I have the option of playing/practicing in both without retuning/stringing? I have considered a 2nd guitar but won't be able to afford one for a month or so, so if that's the way I should ultimatelly go, i'm unsure as to what to do in the meantime.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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i play bass. when i first started playing i would have my friend tune for me all the time between standard and drop d. at the start of the year i first started using drop c. but i've gotten used to switching back and forth. so i say just stick to your one guitar and learn how to tune. it's helpful
ive been playin almost 3 years n for a year and a half i played in only drop c and drop c#
because i played only system of a down n i learned almost all there songs and now i play metallica and such thats more complicated
id say as long as you dont completelllly play in a dropped tuning its ok but play in c standard or sumthing
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its easier to have a whole other guitar for drop tunings, but if you have a good qual tuner, then stick with your one guitar
I can understand your general concern about learning with varied tunings, but as long as you know you chordal positions and scales in one tuning, then being able to translate them into another tuning will ultimately serve you best off. The only thing i had against drop tunings was that it took a while to actually create a good, original riff in such a tuning, for that reason i went back up to conventional standard tunings. The only times i use drop tunings now are actually on acoustic passages, drone notes are truly awesome.
Thing, is...dropped c is great for metal/hardcore, but not that much good for anything else. If you know that all you want to be is a metal guitarist, then stick with it, but otherwise get used to other styles and techniques which are in standard tuning.

That said, all skills are transferrable with practice.
You're far better off learning to play the guitar in standard tuning - once you've actually learned a bit you can start thinking about alternate tunings.

A good rough guide is to look at alternate tunings when you understand them, if you have to post a thread asking "zomg, how do i do drop C on my ax for teh br00talz????" then you're not really ready for them.
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does the guitar have a tremelo?
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no trem, it's the through body model, not the FR.

I played bass (self taught, so not amazing at that either :P) So I understand the alt tunings. I was under the impression though, that for guitar, you would want thicker gauge strings for dropped C, and I didn't want to stress current strings by tuning/re-tuning every 30 min. Beyond that, retuning all the time can be a pain, albeit a necessity for guitar. Ultimately I'm sure i'll end up with a 2nd guitar, but since that wouldn't be for a month or so, I wasn't sure if i'd be better off just sticking to standard tuning for now.

I also plan on starting lessons within a week or 2, and wasn't sure if most teachers would prefer you didn't alt tune.
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Like a lot of guys have said, if it is what you like to play in then do it. If standard is not something that interest you and the only songs that you want to learn right now is in Drop C then play in drop C. Get a cheap acoustic to leave in standard to play around with. But you have to keep it fun or are you really gonna stick with it.
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The only band that is metalcore and plays in drop c (That I know of) is like...KSE.

There are a lot of good metalcore bands that play in drop D which is not much different then standard. Learning in drop C wouldn't be the easiest thing you ever do.

There is quite a few other subgenres that use drop C B and A.
start off learning in standard, because most stuff is in standard, then once you get the basics down, you can go into Drop C
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