Hey guys - Just got my new amp, the ad30vt, and I'm looking for a little help setting this badboy up for what I wanna play.

I know it's not the best amp out there, so please don't try and suggest i get another amp.

What I want to know is that a lot of times when I play songs that use a lot of low E notes the rest of my notes get dround out so they're hard to hear. For instance, the intro to Lamb of God - Laid to rest. With the drop D tuning and you hit the 3 low notes in a row on the drop D then play the 6,5,3 on the 5th string. Those notes always seem to be dround out by the low notes. Now I'm not sure if this is just because I haven't gotten really good at palm muting yet, or if it's because of how I have my amp setup.

Anyways just looking for some general guidelines to use to help me setup this amp for future use. It's difficult to figure out with all the different amp settings. I know the amp can sound good because when my buddy plays it sounds a lot better lol. So it's most likely just my technique but I'm also looking for settings help with this amp specifically. So if you've got it, let me know!
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