What pickups does angus young use in his gibson sg and does anyone have an idea of cost?
better question: "what amp does angus young use?"

he played specials a lot, and they didnt look modified, but im no expert
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google you lazy person its not hard to find out
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Angus Young has used multitudes of different guitars.

He's never used one specific pickup set.

If you want his tone, you're looking at the wrong part of the equation, anyway.

Thanks , did suspect this but had to ask anyway
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What's the gear you're trying to squeeze AC/DC out of, anyway? amp?

It`s not from what i`ve got at the moment which is an ibenez 19watt practice amp and yamaha pacifica it`s just for future reference , which i`m planning to be a sg copy of some sort(westfields is favourite at the moment) and an amp recomended by some one will far more idea than me
well amp does alot more for your tone... You'd probably want a Traynor, those things get really marshally sounding (the amps he uses) on a budget... and they sound better than the marshalls!
marshall plexi clone + stock gibson SG standard.

he's a minimalist and goes straight guitar into amp. he doesn't change the pups on his guitars he leaves them just how they are and plays like that. he DOES have a sig. guitar and pups but that was brought quite recently. sometime within the past 5 years rite? either way you can prolly nail his sound w/ an SG w/ gibson 57's and a cranked marshall.
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