hi everybody
i just got blues junior for small trios and stuff

i read if i get one the many mods he sells they make profound differneces.
i was looking esp.at the twin reverb. mod.
suppposedly cleans the mids so they can have that clean bell like tone similar to a twin.

any way my question is has anyone tried one? (BILLM mods)
or know someone who was happpy or bummed about doin it?

thanks in advance
Everything I've read about BillM mods has been good.

The twin reverb mod is nothing but a short across two terminals of the mid pot. The mid is always on when the knob is off. The mod turns it off like the bass and the treble knobs. With all three knobs off no sound comes out.

After the mod the mid knob has to be on 4 to be like it was. Also the mod allowed scooping the tones.
Oh yes, cleans it up very well. Even with a scooped position, the mod makes it quite clean, with a hint of crunch there.

I myself also done the cathode follower mod and added a 47uf/35v cap at the third triode's cathode to increase distortion.

But if you want to do it yourself, make sure you know how to drain the filter caps.
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I just did that one today. Still playing with it. Easiest mod second only to the phase 90 resistor clip.