Heres a question...does the style or look of your your guitar matter for what kind of music you play??
exactly my point...lol...trying too settle a little bit of an arguement...i'm in an alternative/punk band we are all getting new gear. bass player wants to get all BC RICH. and i didnt think that would look right.
Buy the guitar YOU want, and play the music YOU want to play. Many guitars can be used for many types of music, but people "limit" them because of their look or "conceived" style.

What's important is that you have the guitar you want, and it's able to play the music you want it to.

I've seen someone play blues on a Warlock (and pretty nicely I might add). Take John 5 and Telecasters as another example.

Don't limit the playing styles you can play because of the guitar you have, and don't give up your dreams of that special guitar because of the genre you play.

Do and get what makes you happy. Who gives a crap what everyone else thinks, as long as it sounds good?

Hello Kitty Strat + Death Metal =
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1. jim root... (slipknot/stone sour) he uses a fender telecaster..... plays nu-metal... but he kinda sucks, so its ok..
2. Adam "Nergal" Darski (behemoth) he plays an ESP Eclipse (looks like a les paul) plays blackened death metal...
3. Willy Adler (LoG) plays ESP eclipse too... plays metalcore....
so no, it doesnt.
Well when you're in a band, the look of your band might MEAN something to you. In that case, sometimes it's worth the extra effort getting gear to match. But if you guys are just a bunch of guys getting together for some jam sessions, then just let him get what he wants. I'd say the only time it would even be relevant is if you guys are going for a theme look for your band and you want everyone to stay in that theme. But otherwise I've seen so many random guitars on random playing styles that didn't even fit but who the hell cares because it sounds awesome!!!!
BC rich for alt ?!?!? wtf?!?! go smack some sense into him man!
BC rich for anything is bad! VERY BAD!
(except for the high end series with the good wood and pickups, which are almost none in number.. so they dont count.)
I do a lot of Steely Dan covers on a '99 BC Rich Bich NJ, and it works just fine. So fine, in fact, that I bought an exact copy of it last week.
Stop being so hung up on image, and play whatever you like.