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dude, just practice!
Rockin' shit
just go buy a mel-bay technique book and practice / warmup to that. Its easier and less sketchy
Funky c, Funky do
Feel is totally relative. And his playing was nothing special.

Maybe try Scott Hendersons melodic phrasing. But other than that, play the music you like, and screw around. Then you'll get it.

and about technique...yeah. Well practice with a metronome slowly, and increase every once in a while. No way around it.
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I'm sorry - no one can teach you how to "feel" music. They can teach you theory, and they can teach you how to play damn well, but NO ONE will ever be able to teach you to play how YOU feel. Period. I don't care who your teacher is, if the music is being felt by YOU, then it's YOUR music, and no other musician can play it with the same feeling as you.

Just my .02, sorry if I came off as a jerk, but I just hate it when I see this crap.